Scanning Microscopy


Among all of the possible techniques for the micro-characterization of semiconductor materials and devices in a scanning electron microscope (SEM), charge collection microscopy (CCM), more commonly known as electron-beam-induced current (EBIC), is probably both the most easily deployed and the most versatile characterization technique. Following a brief review of the basic theory of the generation and detection of the EBIC signals, various techniques and applications to the micro-characterization of experimental semiconductor materials and devices will be presented. The applications are primarily to emerging photovoltaic materials and devices. This report is not in any way intended as a complete overview of all EBIC related techniques or most material or device applications. Beyond offering a short review of CCM theory, this paper complements the literature (1) as a basic introduction to CCM, and (2) by focusing on the use and extension of CCM techniques for basic studies in experimental electronic materials.

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