Scanning Microscopy


Monte Carlo simulation is applied to calculate X-ray generation in thick targets under kV electron bombardment. As a preliminary examination, we adopted the simple model based on the uses of: (1) screened Rutherford scattering formula and Bethe's stopping power for describing elastic scattering and energy loss process of penetrating electrons, respectively, (2) Burhop's ionization-cross-section and Sommerfeld's Bremsstrahlung equation for generation of characteristic and continuous X-rays, respectively. In the Monte Carlo simulation, however, more practical expressions were used for convenience of calculation to describe generation of X-rays.

To see how precisely this Monte Carlo simulation describes X-ray spectrum generated in a thick target, we applied this approach to X-ray generation in Rh-and Cu-targets under bombardment by 50kV and 20kV electrons, respectively, to compare with experimental results.

This comparison has led to the conclusion that the present Monte Carlo simulation describes general tendency of X-ray spectra from the Rh-and Cu-targets with considerable success although the simulation tends to underestimate the X-rays intensity at long wave length.

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