Scanning Microscopy


A program is described that allows online determination of extraneous background in multiple point X-ray microanalytical matrices. The program is based upon the calculations of the extraneous background for the film (when present), the standard and the unknown by (100 sec.) point analysis. The program searches for a peak-free part of the spectrum in which the calculated value for the extraneous background is about equal to the value in this region of the spectrum (=be). Online the contents of this be-region is subtracted from an unmanipulated continuum region in the vicinity of the element present in the unknown and standard (Pt).

During the subsequently performed matrix analysis two arrays are acquired (P-b) and (b-be). From these two arrays, the Rx,st and subsequently the Rx,sp are calculated per pixel, which are converted to (be corrected) concentration arrays.

In addition Z2/A-differences between standard and the analyzed specimen are corrected off-line. For each pixel the program judges whether the calculated concentration deviates from the value introduced for the standard. Once differences are registered, adequate corrections are made.

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