Scanning Microscopy


This paper discusses the modeling of the measurements which are performed with the charge-collection, or Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) technique of the scanning electron microscope, and the use of the related theoretical results for recovering bulk and local recombination properties of semi conductors. A general description of different EBIC measurements can be given on the basis of the notion of charge-collection probability 𝝋(r) in the device being examined. This function can be calculated by solving a stationary diffusion equation and the induced current results from the convolution of 𝝋(r) with the generation function of the electron beam. According to this approach, EBIC experiments give information about 𝝋 or the essential semiconductor or defect parameters upon which 𝝋 is dependent. The more usual procedures to recover this information from actual measurements are reviewed and some new possibilities are examined.

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