Scanning Microscopy


The macroscopic behaviour of semiconducting materials is determined by the distribution of microscopic defects like dislocations, impurities and intrinsic defects. Therefore, microanalytical methods are necessary to control the influence of technological process parameters on the materials properties. In the case of GaAs substrates, measurements of the cathodoluminescence (CL) and the electron beam induced voltage (EBIV) as well as the new charging technique seem to be promising methods to perform this task. CL-micrographs of as-grown GaAs substrates show bright cellular structures, which correspond to dislocation networks. Comparative investigations by use of the new charging contrast technique indicate an increased conductivity in the bright areas. CL-measurements of annealed substrates reveal additional characteristic island-like structures in the cell interior. Both, cellular and island-like structures can also be visualized by the EBIV technique. These results can be explained by a homogeneous conductivity and an inhomogeneous distribution of the excess carrier lifetime.

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