Scanning Microscopy


A novel electron beam system has been designed and developed specifically for large area patterning of electronic devices such as printed wiring boards. The prototyped system features a large field deflection, high scanning speed and stably focused beam in the large field. An electron gun with a LaB5 flat cathode was used by operating at 1750-1800 K. The electron beam column provides an electron probe of less than 40 μm in diameter with a current of 50 μA at 60 kV. Fast and large field deflections by a magnetic deflection system enables an area of 104 mm x 104 mm to be covered. The scanning speed can range up to 254 m/s. Particular attention was paid to the materials and shapes of the optics column to minimize the influence of eddy currents from the point of view of controlling the dynamic behavior of beam deflection. It is confirmed that the system can provide accurate beam deflection within a ±20 μm (3𝛔) tolerance for the quite large field of 52 mm x 52 mm.

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