Scanning Microscopy


Exposure characteristics of a large field deflection electron beam lithography system have been examined. Thick film mainly composed of unsaturated acrylic resins and prepared by electrodeposition process is proposed as a resist available to large area patterning. It is proved that the 20 μm thick resist is very sensitive to 60 kV electron beam and has the threshold dosage of 2.0 x 10-7 C/cm2. The spatial contours of equienergy density deposited by electron beam in a 20 μm thick resist on a semi-infinite thick copper substrate are calculated by Monte Carlo simulation for a line source with a lateral beam profile described by Gaussian distribution.

The comparison of Monte Carlo calculations with the experiment has led to conclusions that the line width of the electrodeposited resist is determined by the contour line corresponding to about 1.5 x 1019 eV/ cm3 and that line widths less than 100 μm can be obtained with high stability within a fluctuation of less than ±10% for the large scanning field of 52 mm x 52 mm.

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