Scanning Microscopy


The morphology of Scyphidia physarum was investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Both contracted and uncontracted zooids were examined. The pellicular striations encircled the body at mean intervals of 1.1 µm. Pores were randomly distributed over the body surface with a mean density of 21 pores per 100 µm 2. The telotroch band was represented by three closely spaced striations. The adoral ciliature consisted of a single row of cilia in the haplokinety and three rows in the polykinety. The two sets of cilia were separated by a pellicular ridge. At the end of each row of cilia was a short cilium followed by a series of barren kinetosomes. There were two rows of parasomal sacs associated with the polykinety, one with the inner row of kinetosomes the other with the outer row.

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