Scanning Microscopy


A computer procedure for on-line analysis of electron back scattering patterns (EBSP) has been developed. An experimental EBSP is computer recorded and displayed on a computer monitor. The user identifies the positions of at least two bands in the EBSP with a cursor. Based on this input the computer calculates possible crystallographic orientations. The corresponding EBSPs are simulated and superimposed on the experimental EBSP. The correct crystallographic orientation is determined from a comparison between the experimental and simulated EBSPs. Typically, the analysis takes a 10-30 seconds per pattern. Advantages with the present procedure are that it can be applied for any crystal symmetry, that it requires no knowledge about electron diffraction maps, that it can be used for EBSPs with relatively low contrast, and that the indexing is very precise. For relative orientation measurements the accuracy is found to be within range 0.05°-0.20°, whereas, for repeated measurements of a given grain after complete remounting of sample and EBSP equipment, it was determined to be 0.5°. Furthermore, the procedure facilitates fully automatic pattern recognition.

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