Scanning Microscopy


This study describes the effects of hyperthermia and X-irradiation on the morphological appearance of normal, at risk tissues in the ileum of the mouse. The early morphological effects day after a combined modality treatment are compared with those due to either hyperthermia or X-irradiation given alone. The response was assessed qualitatively and semiquantitatively using scanning electron microscopy and a villous scoring technique.

Early post-irradiation effects on topography did not differ significantly from those observed after small intestine exteriorisation without treatment. The villous scores for the combined modality treatments reflected greater damage than would be expected from the sum of villous scores for each modality treatment on its own. This suggests that the combined modality treatment had a synergistic or enhancing effect. A 4 hour time interval between the two treatments did not seem to reduce the enhancing effect. Further studies are required to investigate the effects of fractionated combined treatment.

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