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Diffusion in surface overlayers with adsorbate-adsorbate interactions is described in terms of coverage-dependent diffusion coefficients. The measured phenomenological Arrhenius parameters (activation energy and prefactor) depend on the initial configuration of the system. Since different experimental methods probe the system in different states, the measured diffusion coefficients depend on the method used. Experimental results demonstrating this dependence are presented for O/W(110) -p(2x1) + p(2x2) and Ag/Si(111) -3 x 3 R30°. They were measured during the evolution of the system to attain a new equilibrium state of different symmetry. In addition, simulations on lattice gas models with interactions, modeling other surface diffusion techniques (Laser-lnduced-Desorption, fluctuation, non-equilibrium kinetics) support the configuration-dependent results.

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