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The pyroantimonate precipitable calcium content of intestinal epithelial cells was investigated in mice following total body irradiation with 2450 MHz continuous and low frequency (16 Hz) square modulated waves. In the control animals the reaction products appeared in the intercellular space of adjacent cells including intermediate junctions and desmosomes and were absent in the area of tight junctions. Immediately after low frequency modulated microwave irradiation at 0.5 and 1mW/cm2 power densities, a rapid distribution of pyroantimonate precipitable calcium content was observed. The pyroantimonate deposits were located on the cytoplasmic side of lateral membrane, in the area of junctional complex, including tight junction, and in other parts of lateral plasma membrane. These changes were reversible and 24 hours after the irradiation the distribution of pyroantimonate deposits was similar to the control. Continuous waves with same energy not altered the distribution of precipitable calcium. We conclude the low frequency modulated microwave irradiation can modify the calcium distribution without heat effects.

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