Scanning Microscopy


Various metal aggregates prepared using ionizing radiation were studied by microscopy techniques. A metal deposit onto a carbon felt obtained from solutions containing Pt and Ru was shown to consist of nanometric particles containing both metals. Another study deals with a subnanometric silver aggregate. The nuclearity of the aggregate was studied by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Additional information from pulse radiolysis experiments allowed the determination of the Ag73+ stoichiometry.

The third material consisted of Ag/Pd submicron powders (70/30 or 75/25% w/w) used in electronics, and made of spherical bimetallic grains; X-ray diffraction showed segregation. The spatial distribution of each metal was obtained by combining space-resolved X-ray microanalysis in the transmission electron microscope, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and secondary ion mass spectrometry. Each grain was shown to be core/rind structured (core: pure Ag; rind: 10-15 nm thick 11% Ag/89% Pd w/w alloy).

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