Scanning Microscopy


We report the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) study of the C60 adsorption on the Ag(111)1x1 surface. The well-ordered C60 monolayer with good quality was obtained by briefly annealing the multilayer C60 at approximately 300°C. It is concluded that the (23)x(23)R30° reconstruction is energetically the most stable phase, while two other phases, "hex-a" and "hex-b" phases, are also observed, rotated by approximately 12.5 ± 1.5° and 47.5 ± 1.5° with respect to the stable (23)x(23)R30° phase. It is suggested that some specific stable adsorption sites are responsible for the pinning and growth of these "hex-a" and "hex-b" phases. Orientational ordering is also documented based on the observed high resolution structures.

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