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Quite a number of experiments have been performed on electron emission from solids induced by slow (projectile velocity Vp < 1 atomic unit) or medium velocity heavy ions (projectile energy Ep < 1 MeV/u). Only a few experiments have been made with fast heavy ions (projectile atomic number Zp > 8, Ep > 2 MeV/u) concerning either electron emission yields -y, or double differential electron energy spectra d2n(0)/dEd0 as a function of the observation angle 0. We present the results obtained so far on electron emission induced by fast (Ep > 2 MeV/u) heavy ions (Zp ~ 6). Topics discussed include experimental results for electron yields, -energy and -angular distributions and channelling phenomena as well as the theoretical approaches. We also present new results from recent studies on the evolution of electron yields and doubly differential electron spectra with target thickness for Ar (13.6 MeV/u) obtained at GANIL (the french heavy ion accelerator "Grand Accelerateur National d'Ions Lourds").

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