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Organization of cytoskeleton and cell contacts were studied by immunochemistry and electron microscopy in confluent HT29 cultured cells following exposure to 0.5 and 1.0 Gy doses of X-ray. Microtubules were resistant to irradiation, whereas, the actin and intermediate filaments disrupted rapidly following the treatment and their components appeared as clumps of actin and cytokeratin aggregates in the cytoplasm as demonstrated by immunochemistry. Loss of cell contacts and decrease in the number of desmosomes was also characteristic of irradiated cells. Electron microscopy revealed intact desmosomes in control cells and abnormal desmosomes in the irradiated samples characterized by the absence of tonofilaments. The perinuclear filament network and cortical filaments were well detectable by electron microscopy. Under the effect of irradiation, the perinuclear filaments almost disappeared and, at the same time, small bundles of filaments were formed irregularly in the cytoplasm associated with amorphous material.

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