Table of Contents

  • --Irreconcilable Differences: David H. Smith's Relationship with the Muse of Mormon History

Valeen Tippetts Avery, 3

  • --The New England Origins of Mormonism Revisited

Grant Underwood, 15

  • --Anti-Mormonism in Illinois: Thomas C. Sharp's Unfinished History of the Mormon War, 1845

Roger D. Launius, 27

  • Houses with Two Fronts: The Evolution of Domestic Architectural Design in a Mormon Community

Keith Bennett and Thomas Carter, 47

  • --The Mormon Reformation of 1856-1857: The Rhetoric and the Reality

Paul H. Peterson, 59

  • --Modern Lysistratas: Mormon Women in the International Peace Movement, 1899-1939

Leonard J. Arrington, 89

  • --From the Age of Science to an Age of Uncertainty: History and Mormon Studies in the Twentieth Century

Henry Warner Bowden, 105

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