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--"The Tongue of Angels": Glossolalia among Mormonism's Founders

Dan Vogel and Scott C. Dunn, 1

--Backlash Against Formalism: Early Mormonism's Appeal in Jefferson County

Marianne Perciaccante, 35

--A Black Woman in a White Man's Church: Amy E. Robbins and the Reorganization

Roger D. Launius, 64

--"A Weary Traveler": The 1848-50 Diary of Zina D.H. Young

Marilyn Higbee, 86


--William Clayton: In the Shadow of Power

George D. Smith, 126


--Davis Bitton: Les Mormons, by Massimo Introvigne Richard Dilworth Rust: The American Religion: The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation, by Harold Bloom

--Jeffery O. Johnson: Victims: The LDS Church and the Mark Hofmann Case, by Richard E. Turley, Jr.

--Audrey M. Godfrey: Camp Floyd and the Mormons: The Utah War, by Donald R. Moorman with Gene A. Sessions

--Marjorie Draper Conder: Women of Nauvoo, by Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Jeni Broberg Holzapfel

--Gary James Bergera: Joseph Fielding Smith: Gospel Scholar, Prophet of God, by Francis M. Gibbons

--Paul L. Anderson: Every Stone a Sermon: The Magnificent Story of the Construction and Dedication of the Salt Lake Temple, by Richard Neitzel Holzapfel

--David Kitterman: Jugendliche gegen Hitler: Die Helmut Hubener Gruppe in Hamburg 1941/42 (Youth Against Hitler: The Helmut Hubener Group in Hamburg 1941/42), by Karl- Heinz Schnibbe, documented by Blair Holmes and Alan Keele; and Before the Blood Tribunal, Rudi Wobbe and Jerry Borrowman

--Richard Neitzel Holzapfel: Set in Stone, Fixed in Glass: The Great Mormon Temple and Its Photographers, by Nelson B. Wadsworth

--William G. Hartley: Historic Resource Study: Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail, by Stanley B. Kimball

--Lamond Tullis: Los Mormones en Chile, by Rodolfo Acevedo A. Gordon

--A. Madsen: Old Mormon Nauvoo and Southeastern Iowa, Old Mormon Palmyra and New England, and Old Mormon Kirtland and Missouri, by Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Jeffery Cottle

--Ray Jay Davis: Prisoner for Conscience'Sake: The Life of George Reynolds, by Bruce A. Van Orden

--Allan Kent Powell: The Life of Andrew Wood Cooley: A Story of Conviction, by Myrtle Stevens Hyde and Everett L. Cooley

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