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  • --Positivism or Subjectivism? Some Reflections on a Mormon Historical Dilemma

Marvin S. Hill, 1


  • --Mormon and Methodist: Popular Religion in the Crucible of the Free Market

Nathan O. Hatch, 24

  • --The Windows of Heaven Revisited: The 1899 Tithing Reformation

E. Jay Bell, 45

  • --Plurality, Patriarchy, and the Priestess: Zina D. H. Young's Nauvoo Marriages

Martha Sonntag Bradley and Mary Brown Firmage
Woodward, 84

  • --Lords of Creation: Polygamy, the Abrahamic Household, and Mormon Patriarchy

B. Cannon Hardy, 119


--The Story of the Latter-day Saints by James B. Allen and Glen M. Leonard Richard E. Bennett

--Hero or Traitor: A Biographical Story of Charles Wesley Wandell by Marjorie Newton Richard L. Saunders

--Mormon Redress Petition: Documents of the 1833-1838 Missouri Conflict edited by Clark V. Johnson Stephen C. LeSueur

--Prisoner for Polygamy: The Memoirs and Letters ofRudger Clawson at the Utah Territorial Penitentiary, 1884-87 edited by Stan Larson Jessie L. Embry

--The Church Through the Years. Volume 2: The Reorganization Comes of Age, 1860-1992 by Richard P. Howard Danny L. Jorgensen

--All Are Alike Unto God edited by E. Dale LeBaron, and Tongan Saints: Legacy of Faith edited by Eric B. Shumway Jay M. Haymond

--The Unsolicited Chronicler: An Account of the Gunnison Massacre: Its Causes and Consequences, Utah Territory, 1847-1859 by Robert Kent Fielding Ronald W. Walker

--Presbyterian Missions and Cultural Interaction in the Far Southwest, 1850-1950 by Mark T. Banker John Sillito

--Science, Religion, and Mormon Cosmology by Erich Robert Paul, and The Creationists: The Evolution of Scientific Creationism by Ronald Numbers Richard Sherlock

--The Mormons' War on Poverty: A History ofLDS Welfare 1830-1990, by Garth L. Mangum and Bruce D. Blumell Garth N.Jones

--Faithful History: Essays in Writing Mormon History edited by George D. Smith, and The New Mormon History: Revisionist Essays on the Past edited by D. Michael Quinn F. Ross Peterson

--David Whitmer Interviews: A Restoration Witness, edited by Lyndon W. Cook Richard Lloyd Anderson

--Frontiersman: Abner Blackburn's Narrative edited by Will Bagley Andrea Gayle Radke and Fred R. Gowans

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