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  • --Mormons in Congress, 1851-2000 Robert R. King and Kay Atkinson King, 1
  • --Ricks College: The Struggle for Permanancy and Place, 1956-60 Val G. Hemming, 51
  • --Corinne Allen and Post-Manifesto Antipolygamy Joan Smyth Iversen, 110
  • --Emmeline B. Wells in Washington: The Search for Mormon Legitimacy Carol Cornwall Madsen, 140
  • --Other Mormon Histories: Lamanite Subjectivity in Mexico Thomas W. Murphy, 179


  • --Setting the Record Straight Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Paul H. Peterson, 215


--D. Michael Quinn, The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power and D. Michael Quinn, The Mormon Hierarchy: Extensions of Power Mario S. De Pillis, 223

--Garold N. Davis and Norma S. Davis, comps. and trans., Behind the Iron Curtain: Recollections of Latter-day Saints in East Germany, 1945-1989, Thomas S. Monson

--Faith Rewarded: A Personal Account of Prophetic Promises to the East German Saints, and Howard L. Biddulph, The Morning Breaks: Stories of Conversion and Faith in the Former Soviet Union Steven L. Shields, 227

--Ronald D. Dennis, trans, and ed. Prophet of the Jubilee Bert J Rawlins, 231

--D. Michael Quinn, Early Mormonism and the Magic World View, rev. and enl. Kenneth G. Godfrey, 232

--Stan Larson and Patricia Larson, eds., What E'er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part: The Missionary Diaries of David O. McKay Polly Aird, 237

--Scott R. Christensen, Sagwitch: Shoshone Chieftain, Mormon Elder, 1822-1887 Audrey M. Godfrey, 240

--Valeen Tippetts Avery, From Mission to Madness: Last Son of the Mormon Prophet Richard L. Jensen, 244

--Dan Vogel, ed., Early Mormon Documents, Vol. 2 Thomas G. Alexander, 248

--Noel A. Carmack and Karen Lynn Davidson, eds., Out of the Black Patch: The Autobiography ofEffie Marquess Carmack: Folk Musician, Artist, and Writer Kristen Smart Rogers, 252

--Newell G. Bringhurst, Fawn McKay Brodie: A Biographer's Life Brigham D. Madsen, 254


--Paul K. Conkin, American Originals: Homemade Varieties of Christianity, 258

--Lorin K. Hansen and Lila J. Bringhurst, with special sections by Sorena DeWitt, Nanette Dunford, Marylyn Eyer, Myrtle Jibson, and Ross Westover, Let This Be Zion: Mormon Pioneers and Modern Saints in Southern Alameda California, 260

--Ray R. Canning, My Continuing Quest: Sociological Perspectives on Mormonism, edited by Stan Larson, 261

--Laura L. Vance, Seventh-day Adventism in Crisis: Gender and Sectarian Change in an Emerging Religion, 262

--James B. Allen and John W. Welch, eds., Life in Utah: Centennial Selections from BYU Studies, 264

--Jennifer Eastman Attebery, Building with Logs: Western Log Construction in Context, 265

--Irwin Altaian and Joseph Ginat, Polygamous Families in Contemporary Society and Janet Bennion, Women of Principle: Female Networking in Contemporary Mormon Polygyny, 266

--Liz Lemon Swindle, art and commentary, text by Susan Easton Black, Joseph Smith: Impressions of a Prophet and Gracia N. Jones, Priceless Gifts: Celebrating the Holiday with Joseph and Emma Smith, 269

--[No editor,] The Essential Joseph Smith, 271

--Lawrence H. Maddock, John Maddock: Mormon Pioneer, 272

--Susan Easton Black, Who's Who in the Doctrine and Covenants, 273

--Jerald R. Johansen, After the Martyrdom: What Happened to the Family of Joseph Smith?, 274

--Davis Bitton, The Martyrdom Remembered: A One-Hundred-Fifty Year Perspective on the Assassination of Joseph Smith, 276

--Reed H. Blake and Spencer H. Blake, The Carthage Tragedy: The Martyrdom of Joseph Smith, 277

--Richard T. Hughes, The Primitive Church in the Modern World, 278

--Emerson Roy West, Latter-day Prophets: Their Lives, Teachings, and Testimonies with Profiles of Their Wives, 279

--Ouida Blanthorn, A History of Tooele County, 280

--Edward A. Geary, A History of Emery County, 281

--Linda Sillitoe, A History of Salt Lake County, 281

--M. Guy Bishop, A History of Sevier County, 282

--James Kimball, with cartoons by Pat Bagley, Mormonism 's Colorful Cowboy: J. Golden Kimball Stories, 284

--Laurie Teichert Eastwood, ed., Letters of Minerva Teichert, Elaine Cannon and Shirley A. Teichert, Minerva! The Story of an Artist with a Mission, and John W. Welch and Doris R. Dant, The Book of Mormon Paintings of Minerva Teichert, 285

--Larry R. King, The Kings of the Kingdom: The Life of Thomas Rice King and His Family, 288

--Restoration Studies V: A Collection of Essays about the History, Beliefs, and Practices of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, edited by Paul M. Edwards (series editor) and Darlene Caswell (issue editor), Restoration Studies VI: A Collection of Essays about the History, Beliefs, and Practices of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, edited by Paul M. Edwards (series editor) and Wayne Ham (issue editor), and Joni Wilson (assistant editor), and Restoration Studies VII: A Collection of Essays about the History, Beliefs, and Practices of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, edited by Joni Wilson and Ruth Ann Wood- 289

--Kenneth W. Godfrey, Audrey M. Godfrey, and Jill Mulvay Derr, Women's Voices: An Untold History of the Latter-Day Saints, 1830-1900, 293

--Newell G. Bringhurst, ed., Reconsidering No Man Knows My History: Fawn M. Brodie and Joseph Smith in Retrospect, 294

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