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  • --Polygamy and Prostitution: Comparative Morality in Salt Lake City, 1847-1911 Jeffrey D. Nichols, 1
  • --"Called by a New Name": Mission, Identity, and the Reorganized Church Mark A. Scherer, 40
  • --Samuel Woolley Taylor: Mormon Maverick Historian Richard H. Cracroft, 64
  • --Fish and the Famine of 1855-56 D. Robert Carter, 92
  • --"As Ugly as Evil" and "As Wicked as Hell": Gadianton Robbers and the Legend Process among the Mormons W.Paul Reeve, 125
  • --The East India Mission of 1851-1856: Crossing the Boundaries of Culture, Religion, and Law R. Lanier Britsch, 150
  • --Steel Rails and the Utah Saints Richard O. Cowan, 177
  • --"That Canny Scotsman": John Sharp and the Negotiations with the Union Pacific Railroad, 1869-1872 Craig L. Foster, 197
  • --Charles S. Whitney: A Nineteenth-Century Salt Lake City Teenager's Life Kenneth W. Godfrey, 215


--Michael K. Winder, John R. Winder: Member of the First Presidency, Pioneer, Temple Builder, Dairyman Boyd Petersen, 252

--Gene A. Sessions, ed., Mormon Democrat: The Religious and Political Memoirs of James Henry Moyle Richard D. Ouellette, 255

--Mark Fiege, Irrigated Eden: The Making of an Agricultural Landscape in the American West Thomas G. Alexander, 260

--Jan Shipps, Sojourner in the Promised Land: Forty Years among the Mormons Lavina Fielding Anderson, 262

--Davis Bitton, ed., Historical Dictionary of Mormonism John Hatch, 265

--Myrtle Stevens Hyde, Orson Hyde: The Olive Branch of Israel Gary James Bergera, 267

--Susan Arrington Madsen, I Walked to Zion; Susan Arrington Madsen, Growing Up in Zion; and Susan Arrington Madsen and Fred E. Woods, I Sailed to Zion Dean Hughes, 274

--John Forres O'Donnal, Pioneer in Guatemala: The Personal History of John Forres O'Donnal, Including the History of the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints in Guatemala Henri P. P. Gooren, 277

--Arnold K. Garr, Donald Q. Cannon, and Richard O. Cowan, eds., Encyclopedia of Latter-day Saint History Brian S. Stuy, 280

--Donald G. Godfrey, Philo T. Farnsworth: The Father of Television Val E. Limburg, 283


--Colleen Whitley, ed., Worth Their Salt, Too: More Notable But Often Unnoted Women of Utah, 286

--Gladys Knight, Between Each Line of Pain and Glory: My Life Story, 287

--Douglas J. Davies, Mormon Identities in Transition: Latter Day Saints in Wales and Zion, 288

--Barbara B. Smith and Blythe Darlyn Thatcher, eds., Heroines of the Restoration, 289

--[no editor], Heroes of the Restoration, 289

--Bryan Waterman, ed., The Prophet Puzzle: Interpretive Essays on Joseph Smith, 291

--Michael S. Durham, Desert Between the Mountains: The Mormons, Miners, Padres, Mountain Men, and the Opening of the Great Basin, 1772-1869, 292

--Ogden Kraut,John H. Koyle's Relief Mine; and Ogden Kraut, Relief Mine II: Through Others' Eyes, 293

--Orson Pratt, The Seer, 294

--Mary Bywater Cross, Quilts and Women of the Mormon Migrations: Treasures of Transition; and Kae Covington, Gathered in Time: Utah Quilts and Their Makers, Settlement to 1950, 295

--Lawrence R. Flake, George Q. Cannon: His Missionary Years, 297

--Heidi S. S win ton, Pioneer Spirit: Modern-Day Stories of Courage and Conviction, 298

--Bruce A. Van Orden, D. Brent Smith, and Everett Smith Jr., Pioneers in Every Land, 299

--Linda Allred Steele, James and Elizabeth Allred, 300

--Stan Larson, Quest for the Gold Plates: Thomas Stuart Ferguson's Archaeological Search for the Book of Mormon, 301

--Lynda Cory Robinson, Boys Who Became Prophets ,302

--Cary Austin and Greg Newbold, illus., The Prophet Joseph's Own Account, 303

-Michael W. Johnson with Robert E. Parson and Daniel A. Stebbins, A History ofDaggett County: A Modern Frontier, 304

--Miriam B. Murphy, A History of Wayne County, 305

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