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  • --Brigham Young's Overland Trails Revolution: The Creation of the "Down-and-Back" Wagon-Train System, 1860-61 William G. Hartley, 1


  • --Becoming Mormon Elliott West, 31
  • --Copyright and Fair Use for Mormon Historians Gary James Bergera, 52
  • --A Bundle of Rights Morris A. Thurston, 67
  • --Eldridge Cleaver's Passage Through Mormonism Newell G. Bringhurst, 80
  • --Writing from Within a Religious Tradition
    A Mormon Perspective Dean L. May, 111
    --A Jewish Perspective Robert A. Goldberg, 121
  • --Apostolic Diplomacy: The 1923 European Mission of Senator Reed Smoot and Professor John A. Widtsoe John C. Thomas, 130
  • --Valiant Mission: RLDS Beginnings in Denmark Ronald E. Romig, 166
  • --Outcomes of the RLDS Mission in Denmark Mark A. Scherer, 195
  • --James Thompson Lisonbee: San Luis Valley Gathering, 1876-78 Garth N.Jones, 212


  • --Setting the Record Straight Paul H. Peterson and Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, 256


--Virginia McConnell Simmons, The Ute Indians of Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico Ted Warner, 261

--Susan Sessions Rugh, Our Common Country: Family Farming, Culture, and Community in the Nineteenth-Century Midwest Craig L. Foster, 262

--Sondra Jones, The Trial of Don Pedro Leon Lujdn: The Attack against Indian Slavery and Mexican Traders in Utah Will Bagley, 264

--Marilyn Brown, The Wine-dark Sea of Grass, and Judith Freeman, Red Water Terry LJeffress, 266

--Mary Batchelor, Marianne Watson, and Anne Wilde, Voices in Harmony: Contemporary Women Celebrate Plural Marriage Martha Sonntag Bradley, 270

--Kurt Widmer, Mormonism and the Nature of God: A Theological Evolution, 1830-1915 Morgan B. Adair, 273

--Larry C. Porter, Sacred Places: New York and Pennsylvania: A Comprehensive Guide to Early LDS Historical Sites H. Michael Marquardt, 276

--F. LaMond Tullis, Mormons in Mexico: The Dynamics of Faith and Culture, Los Mormones en Mexico: La Dindmica de la Fe y la Cultura, and Fernando R. Gomez Paez, "The States of Mexico and Morelos: Their Contribution During the Re-Opening Period of Missionary Work, 1901-1903," "Margarito Bautista Valencia," "Francisco Narciso Sandoval: Lamanite Missionary," and "The Third Convention" Thomas W. Murphy, 280


--John W. Ravage, Black Pioneers: Images of the Black Experience on the North American Frontier, 289

--Leonard J. Arrington, Susan Arrington Madsen, and Emily Madsen Jones, Mothers of the Prophets, 290

--Heidi S. Swinton, American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith, 291

--Susan Cummins Miller, ed., A Sweet, Separate Intimacy: Women Writers of the American Frontier, 1800-1922, 292

--Brigham D. Madsen, ed., The Essential B. H. Roberts, 293

--Martha Sonntag Bradley, A History of Beaver County, 293

--Robert Kirby, Dark Angel: A Novel, 294

--Dennis B. Horne, Bruce R. McConkie: Highlights from His Life & Teachings, 296

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