Table of Contents

  • --A Mormon Village: One Man's West

Charles S. Peterson, 3

  • --Mormon Angles of Historical Vision: Some Maverick Reflections

William Mulder, 13

  • --The Reliability of Joseph Smith's History

Dean C. Jessee, 23

  • --Juanita Brooks: Historian as Tragedian

Levi S. Peterson, 47

  • --Edward Tullidge: Historian of the Mormon Commonwealth

Ronald W. Walker, 55

  • --Joseph Smith: The Verdict of Depth Psychology

T. L. Brink, 73

  • --Sources of Marriner S. Eccles's Economic Thought

Dean L. May, 85

  • --Comments

Marvin S. Hill and Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, 101

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