Table of Contents


--Letting Go: Understanding Mormon Growth in Africa Philip Jenkins, 1


--California Provided the Answer John K. Carmack, 27

--The RLDS Church on the Pacific Slope Ronald E. Romig, 43

--The Tragic Matter of Louie Wells and John Q. Cannon Kenneth L. Cannon II, 126

--Handcarts Going East: The 1857 Missionaries Karen Ann Griggs, 191


--Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley Jr., and Glen M. Leonard. Massacre at Mountain Meadows: An American Tragedy Edward Leo Lyman, 238

-Lola Van Wagenen, Sister-Wives and Suffragists: Polygamy and the Politics of Woman Suffrage, 1870–1896 Andrea G. Radke-Moss, 245

--Matthew C. Godfrey, Religion, Politics, and Sugar: The Mormon Church, the Federal Government, and the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, 1907–1921 Michael Harold Paulos, 250

--Dorothy Allred Solomon, The Sisterhood: Inside the Lives of Mormon Women C. Bríd Nicholson, 259

--Gregory M. Franzwa. The Mormon Trail Revisited Darrell E. Jones, 264


--Jean Miles Westwood. The Political Autobiography of an Unintentional Pioneer, 269

--Hawaiian Mission, Ka Elele o Hawaii, 270

--John P. Livingstone, W. Jeffrey Marsh, Lloyd D. Newell, Craig James Ostler, John P. Starrs, and David M. Whitchurch. Salt Lake City: Ensign to the Nations. Hallowed Ground, Sacred Journeys, 271

--Stephen Singular. When Men Become Gods: Mormon Polygamist Warren Jeffs, His Cult of Fear, and the Women Who Fought Back, 273

--Guy L. Dorius, Craig K. Manscill, and Craig James Ostler, eds. Ohio and Upper Canada. Vol. 6 in REGIONAL STUDIES IN LATTER-DAY SAINT CHURCH HISTORY, 275

--Christian Probasco. Highway 12 276 E. Keith Howick. Polygamy: The Mormon Enigma, 277

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