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--Mormonism’s Adoption Theology: An Introductory Statement Samuel M. Brown and Jonathan A. Stapley, 1

--Early Mormon Adoption Theology and the Mechanics of Salvation Samuel M. Brown, 3

--Adoptive Sealing Ritual in Mormonism Jonathan A. Stapley, 53

--Transgression in the LDS Community: The Cases of Albert Carrington, Richard R. Lyman, and Joseph F. Smith, Part 1 Gary James Bergera, 119

--Hostile Mormons and Persecuted Presbyterians in Utah, 1870–1900: A Reappraisal R. Douglas Brackenridge, 162

--The Kearny/Stockton/Frémont Feud: The Mormon Battalion’s Most Significant Contribution in California Sherman L. Fleek, 229


--John Gary Maxwell, Gettysburg to Great Salt Lake: George R. Maxwell, Civil War Hero and Federal Marshal among the Mormons William P. MacKinnon, 258

--W. Jeffrey Marsh with Jennifer Johnson and Celeste Pittman, Eyewitness History of the Church. Volume 1: The Restoration; Jennifer Johnson, Claire Koltko, Celeste Pittman, and Rachel Cope, comps., Eyewitness History of the Church. iv Volume 2: Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven; and Claire Koltko, Natalie Ross, Brittany McEwens, and Jennifer Johnson, comps., Eyewitness History of the Church. Vol. 3: Journey to Zion’s Hill Dave Johnson, 269

--Matthew B. Brown, Exploring the Connection between Mormons and Masons Michael W. Homer, 272


--Hyrum Utah Stake History Committee. Hyrum Stake of Zion: The First One Hundred Years, April 28, 1901– December 8, 2002, 279 Gale Sears, The Silence of God, 280 Paul Cardall, Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir, 281

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Journal of Mormon History: Vol. 37, Summer 2011: Iss. 3.

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