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--Emma’s Awareness, Brian C. Hales vii


--The Curious Case of Joseph Howard, Palmyra’s Seventeen-Year-Old Somnium Preacher, Noel A. Carmack 1

--The Upper-Room Work: Esotericism in the Church of Jesus Christ (Cutlerite), 1853–1912, Christopher James Blythe 43

--The Cumorah Baseball Club: Mormon Missionaries and Baseball in South Africa, Booker T. Alston 93

--Mormons and Indians in Central Virginia: J. Golden Kimball and the Mason Family’s Native American Origins, Jay Hansford C. Vest 127

--Identifying Joseph Smith’s Plural Wives, Brian C. Hales 155

--A Society of Like-Minded Men: American Localism and the Mormon Expulsion from Jackson County, Matthew B. Lund 169

--Treasures and a Trash Heap: An Early Reference to the Joseph Smith Family in Palmyra, Donald L. Enders 201


--Drew Briney, Apostles on Trial: Examining the Membership Trials of Apostles Taylor and Cowley, Daniel P. Dwyer, O.F.M. 223

--Armand L. Mauss, Shifting Borders and a Tattered Passport: Intellectual Journeys of a Mormon Academic, Casey Paul Griffiths 226

--Craig Livingston, From Above and Below: The Mormon Embrace of Revolution, 1840–1940, Will Bagley 230

--Joann Follett Mortensen, The Man behind the Discourse: A Biography of King Follett, Brent M. Rogers 234

--Reid L. Neilson, Early Mormon Missionary Activities in Japan, 1901–1924, Ronald E. Bartholomew 237

--Reid L. Neilson and Fred E. Woods, eds., Go Ye into All the World: The Growth and Development of Mormon Missionary Work, Gary James Bergera 243

--Catherine A. Brekus and W. Clark Gilpin, eds., American Christianities: A History of Dominance and Diversity, Elizabeth Brocious 246

--Dennis B. Horne and Orson F. Whitney, Latter Leaves in the Life of Lorenzo Snow, Russell Wade Stevenson 252

--Charles H. Harrell, “This Is My Doctrine”: The Development of Mormon Theology, James E. Faulconer 255

--Merina Smith, Revelation, Resistance, and Mormon Polygamy: The Introduction and Implementation of the Principle, 1830–1853, Bryan Buchanan 257

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