Table of Contents

  • --Steaming Through: Arrangements for Mormon Emigration from Europe, 1869-1887

Richard L. Jensen, 3

  • --The "Leading Sisters": A Female Hierarchy in Nineteenth Century Mormon Society

Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, 25

  • --Millenarianism and the Early Mormon Mind

Grant Underwood, 41

  • --Early Mormonism and Early Christianity: Some Parallels and their Consequences for the Study of New Religions

John G. Gager, 53

  • --Faithful History: Hazards and Limitations

Melvin T. Smith, 61

  • --Mormon Moderne: Latter-day Saint Architecture, 1925-1945

Paul L. Anderson, 71

  • --"A Place Prepared": Joseph, Brigham and the Quest for Promised Refuge in the West

Ronald K. Esplin, 85

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