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Research in Engineering and Technology Education


National Center for Engineering and Technology Education

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The following research study was conducted during the 2005 – 2006 academic year. Its purpose is to help the National Center for Engineering and Technology Education determine those engineering outcomes that should be studied in high school when the high school student intends to pursue engineering in college. The results of the study will also be used to determine those engineering student outcomes that all technology education high school students should learn in order to aid them in becoming more technologically literate.

A modified Delphi approach as used for the study. The participants were a panel of experts consisting of engineers, engineering educators, or those expertly familiar with engineering education such as a government expert or learned society employee. The modified Delphi study ran for six rounds of inquiry during which the panel of experts reached consensus on the identity and importance of 43 engineering student outcomes for use in pre-engineering high school student learning. The panel of experts also reached consensus on the relative importance of three of seven groupings of engineer student outcomes for high school.


This report made publicly available by the National Center for Engineering and Technology Education (NCETE).