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Year Two Report


Utah State University

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A major challenge in the work of the National Center for Engineering and Technology Education has been the need to strengthen the research climate across the institutional settings. A number of activities have been directed at that effort: internal funding of small student and faculty research projects; presentations by researchers at Center meetings; providing a research focus for the required core courses in cognitive science, design, problem solving, and creativity; and the evolution of the research framework for the Center. The internal research program has been successful in providing relatively non-threatening experiences with proposal preparation, review, negotiation, and the conduct of small research projects. Six proposals were funded for exploratory research projects in 2005-2006. As these projects are completed, the researchers have shared their findings with their Center colleagues and at professional conferences. The Research Committee has completed its review of the second internal competition and the successful proposals are being negotiated as this report is being prepared in early June 2006. The internal research program has provided opportunities for students and faculty to develop their research capabilities to investigate new areas. The program has also helped to introduce a collaborative, research-focused interchange among the Center faculty as they establish and monitor the program.