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The ultimate goal of NCETE is to infuse engineering design, problem solving and analytical skills into 9-12 grades through technology education in order to increase the quality, quantity, and diversity of engineering and technology educators, and to significantly strengthen the pathways to engineering and technology professions for students. The Center is doing this by teaming engineering faculty and technology education faculty in a systematic approach that involves: 1. Building a community of researchers, leaders, and PhD students to conduct research in emerging engineering and technology education areas. 2. Creating a body of research that improves our understanding of learning and teaching engineering and technology subjects. 3. Preparing technology education teachers at the BS and MS level who can infuse engineering design into the curriculum (current and future teachers). 4. Strengthening the pathways for a diverse population of students who select engineering, science, mathematics, and technology careers. NCETE divided tasks into four components: 1) the Graduate Program Component, 2) the Technology Teacher Education Component, 3) the Research Component, and 4) the Recruiting and Retention Component. Described below are the major research and education activities within each component.