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Organizational Systems



Kirk A. Astroth: So...You Want to Serve on The NAE4-HA Board! Marilyn Corbin: Diversity in Action: Promising Practices of CASD. Teresa Hogue: Can Extension Programs Afford Not to Invest in Business Plans? Dallas L. Holmes: FOCIS an Extension Web-Based Accountability in Action Reporting System. Maureen Hosty: 4-H Wildlife Stewards- Unleashing the Force and Vitality of Communities. Beverly Kelbaugh: Identifying Professional Development Needs of Extension Personnel. Jane E. Keyser: Property Tax Levies Can Fund County Extension Programs. Deborah J. Maddy: Core Competencies for the Cooperative Extension System. Peter Marshall: Results of a National Study Assessing Extension's Disaster Education. Martha A. Nall: Developing Leadership among Support Staff through Chi Epsilon Sigma. Pamela Olsen: Scholarship of Extension. Nancy M. Porter: Financial Security in Later Life. Rita Natale Saathoff: Exceeding Expectations Through Extension Scholarship. Ryan J. Schmiesing: Factors Affecting Ohio State University Extension Agents'. Jan Scholl: Consumer Study of Individuals Participating in Internet Auctions. Elizabeth Scott: Michigan State University Extension 4-H Field Staff Perception's. Lee Sherry: Exceeding Expectations through Teamwork. Peg Shuffstall: A Customer Service Tool for County Extension Offices. Janice Stimpson: Ethics in the Workplace.