Susan Barkman: Evaluation Made Easy – Designing Instruments to Measure Program Impact. Cassandra S. Corridon: Meeting the Needs of Our Audience: Child Care Connections. Jerry Culen: Assessing Environmental Literacy in a 4-H Program. Ken Culp III: University of Kentucky Volunteer Administration Academy. Louise E. Davis: Mississippi’s Goal of Improving Quality Childcare in Unlicensed Settings. Theresa M. Ferrari: Hours of Opportunity or Hours of Risk. Martha S. Garton: Does a Week Long 4-H Camp Develop Life Skills and Leadership Abilities? J. Benton Glaze Jr.: The Development and Evaluation of Idaho’s Beef Quality Assurance Curriculum. James N. Hawkins: Cowboy Obstetrics—A Calving Primer. Edwin Jones: Supporting Extension Educators in Disaster. Mary E. Kershaw: Using the Logic Model to Develop a State FSNEP Program. Connie Kratzer: Steps to Employment and Personal Success - A University Based Welfare to Work Program. Frances Lewis: Exploring the Great Self Mystery. Patricia Mulkeen: Understanding Where the Research Has Been and Where it is Headed. Stephen T. Russell: Where Have All the Teens Gone - An Exploration of 4-H Enrollment. Paula Scott: Giving Your Body the Best. K. Marc Teffeau: Integrating Outcomes Based Evaluation/Logic Modeling into the Extension Organization.