Arlene Bailey: Pyramid Gardening - Cooperative Extension Teaming Up with the Master Gardeners. Deborah L. Cole: Cultivating Young Minds - Gardening & Business Skills to Help Young Minds Grow. David R. Drake: The 21st Century Crops Contest – Not Just Weed ID. Gretchen Ferenz: Participatory Research and Learning Communities. Jeff Fisher: Gardening for Special Needs Youth. Laura Jane Murphy: 4-H Camping Especially for Special-Needs Members. Angela O’Callaghan: Barriers to School Gardens in Clark County, Nevada. Vernon Parent: Ideas for Camps and Teen Retreats. Dawn Sanchez: Hispanic Youth Join 4-H and Learn about Horticulture. Deborah J. Ward: Grow a Garden, Grow a Mind. Shannon Williams: Grazing Noxious Weeds.