Deborah L. Angell: The Bug Stops Here! Cheryl L. Barber: Successful Snacks - Food, Fitness and Food Safety Learning Activities. Darcy Batura: At-Risk Youth and Household Hazardous Waste Education. Katherine L. Cason: Nutrition Mission – A Multimedia Educational Tool for Youth . Patsy A. Ezell: An Interactive Food and Nutrition Education Program for Youth. Rhea Lanting: Got Calcium? Sandy McCurdy: Reaching Teens through a Food Safety Education Partnership. Patricia Mulkeen: Choosing 4-H Fitness Club Pilot Study. Amy L. Peterson: Starving for Success – The Dangerous World of Eating Disorders. Marilyn Rabe: Impact of a Nutrition Education Program in Ohio. Rebecca Reynolds: Healthy Snacks Make Healthy Kids. Roberta Rios: Youth Diabetes Prevention Program. Kathryn M. Schroeder: Multi-County 4-H Food & Nutrition Camp. Kathleen Shimomura: A Research-Based Osteoporosis Prevention Curriculum for Adolescents. Janice Smiley: Eat Smart, Feel Great, Get Moving...With Pyramid Power! Cheryle Jones Syracuse: Family Meals are More than Just Food.