Becky Baer: Ohio State University Extension and Meigs County Council on Aging. Luann Boyer: Youth Safety Days. Jeffrey C. Bridger: Engagement and Public Scholarship. James A. Chatfield: Extension Green Industry Partnerships. J. Thomas Chesnutt: An Equal Partner in the Alabama Tourism. H. Steve Dasher: Community Science Education and Leadership Project. Mindy Denny: Linking the Tradition, Connecting the Community. Robin Galloway: Getting the “Yes” to Sponsorships. Debra Ivey: Partnerships Key to SWYS Success. Kathy Lechman: Reaching Out by Stepping Out of the Extension Comfort Zone. Darlene Liesch: Extension in Action - Report for Legislators. Shawn Olsen: Utah Botanical Center Partnerships. Billie K. Stevens: Parent Education Partnerships. Sharon K. Strouse: Heritage Tourism - Community Economics Nurtured through Educational Partnerships. Judy Taylor: Working Families Newsletter. Bonnie P. Teater: Regional Rural Development Centers. Travis West: Ohio Cooperative Development Center.