Judy Bland: School Nutrition Program Employees Impact the Lives of Children. Roxie Rodgers Dinstel: Extension/Food Bank Partnership Unites to Fill Funding Gap in Alaska. Karen Ensle: Should I Eat the Fish I Catch - An Outreach Project to Pregnant Women. Susan Hansen: Child Care Providers – An Untapped Audience. Vicki Hayman: State and County Based Educators Team Up to Participate in Adolescent Calcium Research Project. Susan Holladay: Healthy Eating, Healthy Living. Luanne J. Hughes: Designing an Agriculture and Nutrition Education Program for Youth. Jo Anne Kock: SIDS Awareness in Southern Nevada. Marilyn A. Sachs: LifeWorks Make Life Work. Jo Shuford-Law: Cooperative Extension & Dietetic Interns = “Win-Win”. Linda K. Walter: A Team Approach to Community Health.