Kris Elliott: Family Reads with 4-H. Dan Fagerlie: Opportunities to Enhance Extension Programming with Native Americans. Nancy Franz: Transformative Learning in Extension Staff Partnerships. Tyler Garfield: Combining Programs for Hispanic Youth. Necoleia Kahler: The Benefits of Military and 4-H Partnership. Barbara Martin-Worley: Your Role in Preventing Elder Financial Abuse. James Nichnadowicz: The 4-H Summer Science Program - A Strategy for Program Delivery to Needy Youth. Nellie Oehler: Renter’s Rehabilitation Program for the Homeless. Daniel F. Perkins: Building Connections with Schools and Libraries. Alix Rogstad: WALTER: A Model for Wildfire Alternatives. Susan E. Taylor: Your Management & Your Life – Financial Management Curriculum. Darcy Tessman: There’s No Camouflaging the Success of Extension and the Military. Lloyd R. Walker: Shared Leadership of Water Quality Programs. Dena Wise: Partnerships for Statewide Savings Education - Tennessee’s Approach. Marjorie Wolford: On Target Success – Getting It Together for Work.