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This course uses Flash CS3 (Flash 9)/Actionscript 3.0. You may also be interested in INST 5270, which uses Flash 8/Actionscript 2.0.

This course familiarizes students with Macromedia Flash. Topics to be covered include fundamental programming concepts (variables, variable types, code re-use, commenting code, and basic control structures) in addition to the fundamentals of the flash environment (animation or “tweening”, vector graphics, use of sound and video). Students finishing this course will have at least one completed fully functional Flash project for their portfolios demonstrating a strong knowledge of the tool and a good foundation in the ActionScript language as the tool and the language apply to instructional design.

Technical Requirements:

Option A: Flash 8 [Computer software]. (2006). Adobe. ($249 student/teacher version)

Option B: Studio 8 [Computer software]. (2006) Adobe. ($299 student/teacher version) Has Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand (Mac and PC) and ColdFusion (PC only);

Option C: Download a free 30-day trial from

Note that you will need to have access to the Flash 8 software in order to complete the work for this class.


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