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Microbiology is a field of science devoted to the study of organisms that are too small to see; therefore, an engaging laboratory experience is often the key to capturing students' interest. It was with this in mind that this book was first conceived and developed. The goal was to provide undergraduate microbiology students with an engaging and meaningful laboratory experience that nurtured a sense of discovery and encouraged greater interest in microbiology as a topic, a field of study, or a career.

This lab manual – which has been field-tested by hundreds of microbiology students over several years – builds skills while reinforcing core microbiology concepts introduced in lectures. The curriculum builds from the ground up. It begins with an introduction to biosafety practices and work with biological hazards, basic but essential microscopy skills, and aseptic technique and culture methods, and then it builds to include more advanced methods. The progression includes a semester-long investigation of a bacterial isolate and culminates with a practical evaluation of all of the microbiology skills learned in the course.


This was published with an OER Adaptation Grant in partnership with Utah State University Libraries, Academic and Instruction Services, and the College of Science.

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