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Rate Equation and Scaling for Fragmentation with Mass Loss

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Rate Equation and Scaling for Fragmentation with Mass Loss

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A linear rate equation describes fragmentation with continuous and discrete mass loss typified by consumption of porous reactive solids and two-phase heterogeneous solids. For a mass-dependent fragmentation rate xα and a continuous-mass-loss rate εxγ,σ=γ-α-1<0 yields a ‘‘recession regime’’ where small particles lose mass continuously without breaking, σ>0 yields a ‘‘fragmentation regime’’ where all particles break, and σ=0 yields scaling for α>0. Shattering for α<0 and σ≥0 is runaway fragmentation producing an infinte number of particles in a finite time, Exact and asymptotic solutions, exponent relations, and connections with static percolation are found.


Proc. 17th IUPAP InternationalConference of Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics -STATPHYS 17, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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