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Posters on the Hill; Salt Lake City; 2013

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Jan Sojka


The ionosphere is important in our everyday communicaBons. Many satellites, like GPS satellites, have to send signals through the ionosphere, and many emergency radio communicators depend on the ionosphere to extend the range of their communicaBons. We also have many satellites and even the InternaBonal space staBon located in this region of the atmosphere. It becomes important for the astronauts in the ISS and for the health of the satellites to know what is going on in the ionosphere and how it can affect their systems.

The lower regions are important because the E-­‐region will extend the distance that a High Frequency (HF) radio operator can communicate, and when the E-­‐region is expanded it will absorb the communicaBons and cause a radio blackout, so any emergency personnel that depend on those HF radio communicaBons won't be able to communicate. And both the F and E regions will affect GPS satellites communicaBon and can cause errors in posiBon on the earth of up to 20 meters.


Presented at Research on the Hill in Salt Lake City, UT.

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