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PMTO First Global Conference


The Norwegian Behavioral Centre


Oslo, Norway

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Criando con Amor: Promoviendo Armonía y Superación is a culturally adapted PMTO manual. It was developed in Logan, UT and then further refined for use in Mexico City. A recent meta-analysis of culturally adapted treatments for US-based ethnic minorities showed a significant improvement in outcomes for adapted versus non-adapted interventions. The authors will present the systematic and theory-based cultural adaptation process utilized to tailor the manual for use with Spanish-speaking Latinos in the U.S. and in Mexico. Examples of specific cultural adaptations made will be shown. Evidence of treatment acceptability on the part of participating families at both sites will be presented. Additionally evidence of treatment outcomes in the Mexico sample will be presented. The authors will discuss significant differences in implementation practices at each site. These will be discussed to highlight the importance of adhering to fidelity of implementation when transporting the intervention across national and cultural groups. Specifically, the presentation will underscore the importance of training procedures for interventionists in achieving desired outcomes.