Quinney Natural Resources Research Library, S.J. and Jessie E.
The Quinney Library plays an important role in the College of Natural Resources. It serves as an educational, social, and sustainable resource for students, staff, and faculty alike. It has grown as the College has grown; it is becoming a part of CNR's history and will be part part of the future. Drop by and see us!

The Beginning:
While the Quinney Library officially came into being in 1992, the CNR had two mini-libraries long before this. The Fisheries and Wildlife Library and the International Range Management Library. The libraries started informally when faculty members decided to combine their own books and journals into 2 small rooms and let others come and borrow them. But most of the information necessary for teaching and research was still scattered among offices and labs. In view of that, the College initiated a plan to build, staff, and fund a state-of-the-art electronic library capable of supporting the CNR Departments, Institutes, and Centers. Fund raising officially started in 1988.

The Grand Opening:
We celebrated a new beginning in October 1992. The Quinney Library now presented a 7,000 square foot library to the Utah State University community. The $1.6 million facility was funded by a generous gift from the S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney Foundation of Salt Lake City Utah. The new library was built to house a collection of 80,000 books and would focus on materials for natural resources research and teaching. The completed structure provides the College with a conference room, a computer lab, open access Internet access, cutting-edge storage and approximately 60 hours of service per week.

Who Are We Now:
Library services have expanded over the years to meet the changing demands of our patrons. On October 6, 2010, the Quinney Natural Resources Library celebrated its eighteenth anniversary. In the time since it’s founding, the library's book stock had grown from a small collection of books donated by faculty members to overflowing with volumes of specialized and relevant information. The Internet is now all wireless and the dissemination mostly digital. Still you can find some amazing and friendly professionals to help you achieve your dreams.


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