Research on Capitol Hill

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Taya Godfrey, Utah State UniversityFollow


College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology Department

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Mehmet Soyer


Research Question: What motivates females to become anti-fracking activists?

Hydraulic fracturing is a way of obtaining natural gas and oil from deep within the earth by injecting high powered water and chemicals into shale rock to fracture it, and therefore release natural resources (Manfreda, 2015).

We have seen much activism surrounding the issue of fracking because of the environmental and health controversies associated with it. We have also noted an increasing number of female activists and hope to determine the cause. By understanding what motivates women to become anti-fracking activist we can further encourage female activism in many other spheres.

Source: Manfred, J. The origin of fracking actually dates back to the Civil War.

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