Research on Capitol Hill

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Nathan Guymon, Utah State UniversityFollow


College of Engineering


Biological Engineering Department

Faculty Mentor

Ron Sims


This project represents a collaboration between Utah State University, Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility (CVWRF), and WesTech Engineering, Inc. The goal of the project is to help water treatment plants meet state nutrient standards and reduce operating costs. This is being accomplished in three major sections:

1. Wastewater treatment – microalgae is grown to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from water.

2. Biogas generation – the microalgae is harvested and processed to produce methane gas used to generate power.

3. Fertilizer production – nutrients are also collected from the wastewater and turned into high-value fertilizer.

By creating systems that remove nutrients from water and create value added products at the same time the environmental impact and cost of water treatment are reduced.

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