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Lisa Starrett, Utah State UniversityFollow


Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services


Psychology Department

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Kathryn Sperry


The United States continues to have the highest sexual assault rates of any developed nation.

The vast majority of sexual assault research studies exclusively female survivors. This overlooks half of the nation’s population. To find holistic solutions, we must address both genders.

The current study addresses:

  • The male experience
    Recent research shows significant numbers of men react with shock, guilt, shame, and depression when confronted with sexual assault charges. This opens questions of intent.
  • Confirmation bias & “echo chambers”
    Social media and preference tracking amplify our tendency to see information that confirms our existing worldview. This further separates genders.
  • Environmental learning factors
    Without holistic sex education in schools, boys learn about sex from peers, media, and pornography

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