Research on Capitol Hill


Preparing Successful Orchestral Auditions

Presenter and Co-Presenter(s)

Marie Smith, Utah State University

Faculty Mentor

Joseph Falvey


Auditioning, much like interviewing, is a skill that has to be learned over time and through experience. Practice and preparation is a much more abstract concept in this instance than preparing to perform a solo work. The sequence of events and situations you find in an audition are very different from the standard routine of practicing and ensemble rehearsals. With the assistance of a SURCO grant, I was able to attend Eastern Music Festival and to interview and work with members of the horn faculty in order to better understand audition procedures and methods of preparation. I gained many strategies for approaching the mental and physical preparation for auditions. In addition to general suggestions about auditioning, I studied three orchestral excerpts which frequently appear on professional auditions as case studies of specific musical preparation. I was able to apply the skills I learned through this project and advanced to the second round of my first professional audition this August.

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Research On Capitol Hill 2015

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