Research on Capitol Hill

Presenter and Co-Presenter(s)

Viviane Baji, Utah State University

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Douglas Jackson-Smith, Dr. Melissa Haeffner


Utah is set to double in population by 2050. It is unclear whether current water supplies will be able to accommodate the needs of the future growth. Young people will be in their prime when water shortage predictions come to fruition, so it is important to know how concerned they are about the water issues that will affect them. An understanding of the relationship between age and water shortage concern may also contribute to the development of social science theories relating age and environmental attitudes and behavior.

Research Question: "Are young people more concerned about water shortages?" to understand how a susceptible group views its vulnerability.

Expectation: Young people are more concerned about water shortages than other age groups.

Journal/Book Title/Conference

Research On Capitol Hill 2016

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Sociology Commons



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