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Christopher Ikedichukwu AnokamFollow

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Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

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Assistant Professor Yujie Sun



Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) is a disruptive technology, it offers high efficiency, cost effectiveness and ease in manufacture. Compared to current photovoltaic cell technologies. The purpose of this investigation and research is to show that the Dye-sensitized solar cell provides equivalent solution in price/performance to current technologies. DSSC which is simply ‘’Artificial photosynthesis”, of which chlorophyll is replaced with a light absorbing dye, the molecules are excited into a high energy state by photons of light. In other words, mimicking photosynthesis in a natural leaf/leaves. Its ability at capturing low light cases enables the DSSC desirable in indoor and outdoor applications, and also in smart devices. Rooftops, windows, smartphones, laptops, wearables, internet of things (IOT)etc. The research experiment is a technological breakthrough, the ability to make dssc in basic plastic through the use graphene and graphite layers. therefore pushing the boundaries in cost effectiveness. Furthermore the technique learnt in making this possible enabled us in achieving a stable efficiency and the use of non-metal and rare metal substrate its manufacture process, and also the ability to to print Dssc on non conductive surface.The first of its kind.

image courtesy of Royal Society of Chemistry

Figure 1: Internal working structure of a Dye-sensitized solar cell

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