Research on Capitol Hill

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Audrianna Dehlin, Utah State UniversityFollow


Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services


Psychology Department

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Renee Galliher


Sexism: A belief, practice, or system that supports the idea that the male sex is intrinsically superior to the female sex.

  • The two major types of sexism are hostile and benevolent.
  • In addition to external experiences of sexism, these beliefs can be internalized by women and are linked to negative outcomes.
  • The overall climate surrounding women's issues is becoming more contentious.
  • Because of this, research and conversation surrounding gender equality are in the mainstream consciousness.
  • This study used a correlational design to examine the relationship between internalized sexism, psychological health, relationship satisfaction, political affiliation, voting patterns, religious fundamentalism, social desirability, and self efficacy.
  • Regression analyses were also conducted to identify mediators.

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